Specialized English Seminars

English for Sales

Sales and distribution employees are increasingly operating in international markets today. This means that many sales meetings with foreign business partners have to be conducted in English. In order to make the most of their sales talent, these employees need linguistic confidence and knowledge of specific business English.

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Seminar contents

  • Telephone calls and correspondence
  • Specialist vocabulary for various sales phases:
    • Preparation of an offer
    • Presentation of products and services
    • Contract negotiations
  • Discussion and negotiation techniques
  • Phrases and sentence constructions, e.g. um
    • ask specific questions
    • to steer conversations
    • Getting to the heart of the matter
    • Master difficult dialogue situations
    • Respond to objections
    • to make agreements
  • Complaints management and customer service

Required language level

from CEF level B2 
We recommend a short online test to determine the language level of the participants.

Target group: Employees in sales and distribution with foreign business contacts

Number of participants: up to 10 participants

Duration: 2 to 3 days

Goal setting

Participants in this seminar will expand their specialised vocabulary and learn helpful phrases that will make conversations and negotiations easier. In practical exercises, they practise how to present their products and services convincingly abroad. In this way, they create the best conditions for successful business transactions at an international level.