Intercultural Communication

The knowledge and understanding of another culture or social group goes far beyond just the language. English has become an internationally shared business language, but it is not a replacement for understanding other cultures and how to successfully work and interact in an intercultural business environment.
International collaboration in all areas of business, education and research is normal and with remote work, intercultural knowledge and awareness can help to maintain positive relationships and boost employability through such skills as creative problem-solving and mediation.

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Content of Workshop 

  • Understanding how cultural awareness can be built and used to avoid misinterpretations
  • How our own cultural background affects our thoughts, actions, and feelings
  • Dynamics of intercultural relations in different situations
  • Successful intercultural competence strategies
  • Dealing with intercultural conflicts and misunderstandings

Who is it for?
This course is designed for anyone wishing to improve and enhance their skills for international business in all aspects, from various communication styles with international counterparts and colleagues to managing a multi-national team. Not only will you build confidence in linguistic ability but also gain an understanding of descriptors which underline how important life skills such as observation, reflection and adaption have become in a multiculturally-rich work environment.


Number of Participants: Up to 10 participants

Duration: 2 consecutive days or 2 days arranged flexibly.

Our Promise

Throughout this workshop you will gain a deeper understanding of your own and others' cultural norms, values, and assumptions and how these influence interactions with others. You will develop intercultural awareness and sensitivity and enhance your ability to communicate more effectively in culturally diverse settings leading to quality exchanges with international colleagues and increased self-confidence at international conferences.