When I relaunched my homepage, I also wanted to offer the content in English. A big challenge, because I wanted more than just a translation of the content. My wish was to convey the same energy, the wit and my personal style into English. Clare has done this in an outstanding way - I find myself in her translation 1:1. Clare has translated my approach, my personal style - even if this means that not all passages are translated word for word. But exactly THAT makes the difference: a translation with heart and intellect! One hundred percent recommendation and a special thank you to Clare!!!

Kersten E. Staat, Kommunikation in Führung

We translate, edit & proofread: English, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Russian & Polish

Covering a wide range of specialist fields, our translation services are grounded in the knowledge that good writing, and the thought processes behind its creation, can vary considerably from language to language. We therefore work with a team of handpicked, highly qualified linguists who share not only our deep understanding of English, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Russian and Polish but also our belief in the power of well-chosen words. This enables us to provide professional translations which consistently exceed market standards which flow and engage while retaining the character and meaning of the original text.

To maintain the linguistic quality of our work, we hold regular workshops at which our translators and copywriters present and discuss approaches to language issues they have encountered. We also have every translation proofread by a second linguist before it’s delivered. And to uphold client-specific styles and terminology, we work with integrated translation memories and glossaries that ensure consistent translation of set terms and phrases.

Our Translation Team

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Interpreting       Copywriting & Editing

Machine translation (MT) and post-editing

As a communication services provider, we are of course continually monitoring the progress of machine translation and can now also offer an MT post-editing service. This involves machine translating the document in question and having the resulting translation reviewed for errors by a human editor.

However, with the quality gap between machine and human translation still far from being closed, MT post-editing is only employable in certain circumstances and subject to significantly lower standards. Where the documents are simply phrased and for internal use, for example, machine translation may be a cost-effective solution.

If you want your texts to sound polished, to draw readers in and effectively sell them your messages, then human-only translation and adaptation services are still the way to go.

We can happily provide you with advice in this regard.

Main translation fields

Marketing and advertising (headlines and slogans, product texts, advertisements, brochures, press releases, websites, etc.)

Corporate and institutional communications (textbooks, expert reports, financial reports, CSR reports, white papers, journal texts, exhibition texts, etc.)

Law (contracts, commercial registers, terms & conditions, expert reports, pleadings, patent documents, academic papers, etc.)

IT/Information technology and technical content (corporate websites, privacy policies, instructions, user/operating manuals, training materials, functional specifications, occupational health and safety regulations, etc.)