What we stand for

At Intercom, we believe that good communication is the foundation of great relationships. We support you in breaking down communication and language barriers, developing clarity, and building trustful and long-lasting relationships in which you and your organization thrive.
Your communication needs are always at the center of everything we do.

George Joy Arping, Managing Director (links)
Matin Hooper, Managing Director (rechts)
Intercom Partner

What we do

We provide communication seminars, business coaching, language training, and translation services.
Since 1981, we have been successfully training and coaching business professionals and academics in Germany and throughout Europe. Based on your communication needs, we create customized training solutions for individuals, groups, and international teams.
Our services include communication workshops and seminars, business coaching, business English training, as well as translations, interpreting, and proofreading.

From the very beginning, we have tailored our services specifically to the interests and needs of professionals and academics in an increasingly globalized and digitalized world. Our clients range from international companies such as Beiersdorf AG, OTTO, Deutsche BP, and Vattenfall Europe to SMEs and start-ups as well as universities throughout Germany. In combination with face-to-face meetings, we also provide all training and coaching virtually on the platform of your choice. What our clients say.