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General Business English courses aim to provide a strong foundation in grammar and vocabulary, but a language is more than just linguistic knowledge. To build on this foundation, our courses also focus on workplace skills such as small talk, presenting, negotiating, telephoning, emailing and more.

Each course is tailored to fit the student’s and company’s needs to provide the knowledge and confidence to work and thrive in an English business environment.
Whether you are learning a language for daily business, a specific purpose or even preparing for an exam, our trainers have the knowledge and experience to help you get to where you want to be.

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All of our General Business English courses are based on the students' individual needs and their work. Grammar and vocabulary building is a foundational element of all General Business English courses. 
Some of the most commonly requested subjects are:

Meetings & Virtual Meetings

The General Business English courses focus on real situations; meeting covers a range of topics including negotiations, idea sharing, leading and steering the direction of a meeting and many other valuable skills. These skills are put into practice repeatedly throughout the course to ensure that language is the least of your worries in every meeting.


Feel comfortable presenting your work or research/ findings and answering questions posed by international colleagues. Learn to pace yourself and speak from your knowledge, not from a script. Knowing your slides are grammatically correct will also help boost your confidence.

Small Talk & Networking

A room full of native speakers is a scary thing for any language learner, but especially in a business setting. The General Business English courses aim to have students speak as much as possible from day one and discuss various topics from current events to job-specific conversation.


You spend time preparing for questions and planning the telephone call in your head, maybe even have a few phrases written down. Suddenly the conversation takes an unexpected turn, and everything you prepared for is out the window. In this course, we remove the script and work to improve fluency and a catalogue of regular phrases, so no call is a chore.


It is easy enough to use an online translation service and reproduce what you would say in your mother tongue, but a lot can be lost in translation, and the General Business English courses aim to help you write clear and concise emails with English that you are comfortable with.

Required English Language Skills

CEF level B1 / B2 or above
We offer a short online test to ascertain the respective language level of the participants. This is helpful but not a must.

Who is it for?
General Business English courses are for people who want to work and participate in the modern multicultural business world. From beginner to advanced, our courses provide a safe space to learn and apply the skills and linguistic abilities that are necessary for clear, concise and professional communication.


Our Promise

To provide trainers that are familiar with your industry and have the experience and knowledge to transform your English. No high school English or silent textbook classes, but real in-situation language experience with a native speaker.