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Managerial Communication

This training is currently only available in German.

The voice is our sounding calling card - and the audible result of the instantaneous interplay of breath, posture, muscle tone and mental state. In communication, the voice acts as a key stimulus that decides within seconds whether and how we will be received by the other person, whether we will resonate and whether we will be in the right mood.

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Seminar contents

  • Voice as a sounding business card
  • Analysing personal impact factors: appearance, body language, content, voice
  • Making your own voice resonate with ease
  • Back to natural breathing - relaxation included
  • Clear and natural articulation - the key to success
  • Body talk: utilising the power of non-verbal communication
  • Activating charisma, presence and persuasiveness
  • The power of the intentional mindset
  • The power of language: speaking in colour
  • Deflect attacks with confidence - stay calm, even on slippery ground
  • The breakdown - your friend and helper
  • Personal "care package" to keep you going!

Target group: Anyone who wants to convince through voice, body language and content, by clearly communicating their objectives, skilful rhetoric and confidence.

Number of participants: up to 8 participants

Duration: 2 days

Objectives and methodology

In this seminar by renowned communication trainer Gabriele Fuchs, participants learn how to use their voice professionally, increase their leadership, presentation and negotiation success and remain calm in tricky situations. Sound theory is combined with easy-to-apply techniques. The practice-orientated active seminar includes intensive voice and speech training as well as articulation and expression exercises. Participants receive constructive feedback from the seminar leader.

The voice training seminar starts before the seminar:

Each participant receives a letter/email about 4 weeks before the seminar to get them in the mood. The aim is for everyone to start the first day already prepared for the topic and to be able to consciously bring along and highlight experiences from the last few weeks.