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Pronunciation for Academics

"Pronunciation has made many an innocent word sound like a doctor's orders for a stomach pump ..."
– Zelda Fitzgerald

Today's academic world is an international world with English as its connecting language. When people from different countries and regions mingle, so do different accents, dialects and pronunciations. This usually enriches communication, but in some cases, it can also impede it. Good pronunciation is literally the basis for being understood and thus for the correct comprehension of facts, approaches and results by the respective target group.

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Content of the Workshop

  • Identifying your own weaknesses - applying tips and tricks for better pronunciation
  • Individual feedback regarding specific errors that occur repeatedly
  • Basics of pronunciation: breathing and formation of individual sounds
  • Breathing is crucial: learning different techniques that optimally fit your own voice, as well as breathing exercises to ease the tension before giving a presentation
  • The phonetic alphabet as a tool for pronunciation
  • Filling the room with your own voice: the effect of emphasis and intonation

Required English Language Skills

CEF level B1 / B2 or above
We offer a short online test to ascertain the respective language level of the participants. This is helpful but not a must.

Target Group: Undergraduate or PhD students who wish to improve their pronunciation for a more effective and confident delivery at conferences or for communicating in international teams.

Teilnehmerzahl: bis 10 Teilnehmer

Duration: 1 day 
As a follow-up, we recommend an additional day for individual coaching sessions of 30 to 45 minutes.


In this workshop, the participants intensively study the sound of the English language, thus learning how to apply it correctly. They identify their specific difficulties in pronunciation patterns, especially in an academic context, systematically working to eliminate them. With a methodical hands-on approach and lots of fun, the participants not only improve their spoken English, but also increase their self-confidence and enhance their language skills with the aid of effective and simple exercises.