Academic Workshops

Academic Workshops

Advising Students

“Advice is like snow - the softer it falls … the deeper it sinks into the mind.” 
Samuel T. Coleridge

The academic world today is increasingly international – and the need for convincing and nuanced communication in English is growing at the same pace.  This can be seen in the many situations where university staff need to give advice to the student body – ranging from organizational and administrative help through to academic support and advice concerning emotional challenges.
Our experienced trainers conduct all workshops in English or German. Get to know our Communication Trainers and our Academic Coaches

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Content of the Workshop

  • Communications skills for giving advice concerning e.g. complications with university registration, finding an internship, choosing course modules, dealing with everyday situations in university life
  • Establishing rapport with the person you are dealing with
  • Focusing on language skills e.g.
    • asking and answering questions
    • direct, indirect and diplomatic questions
    • framing the correct questions to aid clarification
    • active listening
    • giving advice
  • Developing and practicing the participants’ own case studies
  • Detailed feedback, from peers and trainer

Required English Language Skills

CEF level B2/ C1 and above
We offer a short online test to ascertain the respective language level of the participants. This is helpful but not a must.

Target Group: Administrators, counsellors and academics at Universities who would like to improve their communication skills in English to enable them to give more exact and helpful advice and support.

Number of Participants: Up to 10 participants

Duration: 1 – 2 days


This workshop provides participants with the tools to help, advise and support international students or colleagues in English. The aim is that the participants will feel much more at ease in the situations in which they give advice in English, thus enabling them to offer a more efficient, friendly and helpful service.