Business English Coaching

Business English Coaching

"Business training with Martin Hooper is Champions League! Since 2007, he has been supporting me at irregular intervals with English presentations, workshops and the continuous improvement of my English skills. The 1:1 coaching sessions are highly individualised and tailored precisely to my requirements and learning speed. Martin's basic attitude is "It's okay to make mistakes!", which also motivates me to learn and implement new things. The lessons are a perfect mix of theory and practice, conversation and exercises as well as humour and seriousness. His coaching is always respectful, appreciative, constructive and highly professional - that's exactly what "outstanding" business English training should be like!"

Kersten E. Staat – STAAT -Communication in Leadership, Senior Professional Management Trainer & Coach / Certified Business Mediator / NLP Master Practitioner

This is about more than just language training: coaching in English is particularly suitable if you need short-term and individualised preparation - for example for a presentation or speech at an international conference or for leading English-language meetings.

You will be supervised by a trainer who has many years of experience and expertise in the field of communication training or in your specialist area. Together with you, he or she will be able to determine the main focus for the development of your English "appearance". The coaching will of course take place in English and will be tailored to your needs.

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Personal coaching

You will have a discussion with the trainer beforehand to determine your short or long-term goals and agree on the coaching programme. On this basis, the trainer will develop a personalised training plan. You will practise linguistically optimal forms of expression and approaches, e.g. for different cultures. Depending on the objective, behaviour in critical situations is also part of the training. This intensive coaching programme will enable you to go into your appointment well prepared and much more relaxed.

Accompaniment and follow-up

It is also possible to have the coach accompany you to one or more important meetings. The coach takes notes during the meeting and uses them for follow-up. This is used to give you well-founded feedback at your leisure and to point out areas for improvement. Any weaknesses and uncertainties can thus be uncovered and remedied through targeted training.

Business Coaching - Begleitung und Nachbereitung

Coaching in a team

What works for individual coaching has also proven to be a good solution for teams: On request, the trainer can conduct customised training sessions for small groups such as teams or departments. Here too, it can be useful for the trainer to accompany a meeting as part of the coaching and then discuss their impressions in personal feedback.

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