Relocation Training

As companies become more global every day, so does the movement of sending employees abroad on assignment. Not only do these expats have to adjust to a new working environment, but often they need to learn about the new country they will be living and working in. These assignments can be quite costly for the company, so it is important that they go smoothly. One of the most common reasons overseas assignments fail is because the partner or the family of the assignee are unhappy. Relocation training helps to prepare people for their assignment and fast tracks their success adjusting to their new lives abroad.

Kathleen Griffin, Communications & Business Coach

We design relocation training that is customized for expatriates (and anyone relocating with them) to their needs to help prepare employees for their assignment. Prior to the training, we complete a needs analysis to address all of the participants’ questions, concerns and topics of interest.

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  • Overview of important information about target country such as history, society economy, etc.
  • Understanding of target culture’s values, customs and etiquette and their possible impact on working styles and daily life
  • Cultural analysis of assignee’s culture and host culture
  • Important cultural dimensions and their influence on business as well as tips for working with new colleagues with different cultural backgrounds
  • Tailored information about daily life in target country and city
  • Strategies and tools for dealing with culture shock and the transition process
  • Customized information for the single expatriate; for supporting the spouse and also for international parenting
  • Language training prior to relocation training or post-arrival language training support in Germany, if needed

Target Group: For individuals, couples or families who are moving to or from another country for work.

If you are sending a German employee to the US or you are bringing a British employee to Germany, we do both pre-departure and post-arrival relocation training. This training can also be used for employees who work on long terms projects based in other countries. 

Contact Us  We look forward to hearing from you! Tel. 040 46 88 22 47 Email:


Whether you are sending a manager, an employee or even an intern abroad, relocation training can help with this process of change. It is not only language training that might be needed, but also the cultural and practical knowledge. There is a transition process and culture shock involving adjusting to living and working in a new culture, in addition to the challenges of adapting to a new country and city in general.