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Confidence training

This training is currently only available in German.

Calm, assertive and composed - even in difficult situations. Active instead of reactive. With subtle energy and well-balanced strength instead of pressure and stress.

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Seminar contents

  • What does sovereignty mean? What supports it, what jeopardises it?
  • Clarity of thought, action and heart
  • The foundation: confident demeanour, full and melodious voice, convincing body language
  • The power of words - real, true and truthful
  • Stay calm, even on slippery ground
  • Deflect unfair attacks with confidence
  • What to do when things get emotional?
  • Ready to hit? Who hits who and with what?
  • Conflicts - (un)beloved midwives!

Target group: 

All specialists and managers who

  • want to conduct difficult negotiations and discussions in a goal-orientated and successful manner
  • manage projects that have many "fathers" and even more goals
  • often present their results in large groups
  • want to move people in a friendly and humorous way without manipulating them
  • want to bring about change without offending employees, colleagues and managers

Number of participants: up to 8 participants

Duration: 2 days

Objectives and methodology

In this seminar by renowned communication trainer Gabriele Fuchs, participants learn to strengthen their strengths. They gain clarity about their intentions, actions and thinking. By analysing case studies, practical exercises and their own experiences, which they enrich with new impulses through reflection, the participants expand their range of effectiveness. The seminar is an "active training" in which they will discover realisable possibilities for shaping new paths.

The sovereignty training seminar begins even before the seminar:

A short telephone conversation with the seminar leader takes place around 4 weeks before the seminar. The aim is to familiarise the participants with the topic of "sovereignty" and to agree on their personal intentions. This ensures that all participants are already prepared for the topic on the first day and can consciously contribute and analyse their experiences from the previous weeks.