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Remote Teamwork

Whether with colleagues or clients, collaborating virtually has become an essential form of communication in the times of the Coronavirus pandemic, and it will continue to have the same relevance in the changed business world post-corona. Communication within traditional teams that work together in person can sometimes be problematic enough. Virtual teams often have additional challenges due to technical difficulties, working across time zones and not having the additional aid of non-verbal communication to help. Accents may be harder to understand in a teleconference, emails are often over-analyzed or misinterpreted due to a lack of tone of voice, and meetings seem to take longer due to misunderstandings.

Objectives: The aim of this seminar is to develop the skills necessary to adapt  to working in virtual teams. In the virtual environment, it is critical to rethink the way we collaborate and communicate to work more efficiently to achieve our goals and deliver results. Verbal and written communication, email, video conferencing and virtual meetings are all covered.

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  • Identify the essential elements of an effective virtual team
  • Develop an awareness of their own communication style in emails, video conferences, and telephoning
  • Understand common challenges in working virtually that cause miscommunication and learn strategies for minimizing misunderstandings
  • Recognize factors that impact virtual communication and behavior such as cultural influences and language barriers
  • Engage and motivate teams through virtual teambuilding activities
  • Manage the stress of difficult, virtual interactions more effectively
  • Gain techniques for clarifying, checking understanding, and confirming information through various media
  • Learn how to structure messages better for various situations e.g. softening a message, diplomatically point out mistakes, etc.
  • Create communication strategies to improve collaboration and to build trust and rapport virtually
  • Implement structures for handling conflict and providing constructive feedback
  • Top tips and best practices for working in virtual teams

Target Group: Employees working in teams in the global business world; with the focus on people needing support to make virtual meetings a highly cooperative and creative way of working together

Duration: 1 day
Also recommended as a webinar over 2 half-day virtual workshops

Number of Participants: 
Up to 10



Objectives and Methodology

Effective teamwork is indispensable for achieving corporate goals. However, it is not enough to simply bring together highly qualified employees on a virtual platform and expect them to automatically achieve the desired results. In this seminar we support you in all your virtual communication needs whether with clients or colleagues. We train you to get rid of the awkwardness of still-developing virtual communication norms and support you in taking your communication to the next level. 

*We also offer “Leading a Virtual Team” as either a stand-alone webinar/workshop, or as a component of this workshop.*