Kathleen Griffin – Business Coach

Welcome to my professional profile.


  • Transformative Coaching certificate from Coachmasters Academy (75 hours)
  • European Certificate for Diversity Training from ICC
  • TEFL Certified Language Trainer
  • Training of the Intercultural Trainer I, II, and III from Young SIETAR

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E-Mail: info@intercom-language.de
Telefon: 040 46 88 22 47

About me

Originally from Chicago, I have spent more than 12 years living in Europe and am an intercultural and communication consultant with over ten years of experience.  Through consulting, coaching and customized training, I help people improve their effectiveness when they are collaborating in multicultural environments, operate more effectively in new markets and create diverse teams. At the core of all the different types of work that I do, I help people to understand the various kinds of cultural and communication differences better. I am also a coach and am certified in transformative coaching.

Specialist areas / Current training and coaching projects include

  • Design and deliver pre-destination and post-arrival relocation trainings for international transfers
  • Transformative coaching for executives to create and affect sustainable change
  • Developing diverse and inclusive team seminars
  • In-house business English seminars
  • Communication-based and teambuilding workshops