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Diversity Training

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The increasingly global orientation of companies is also increasing diversity within the workforce, which is often reflected in different mentalities and ways of working. Companies are required to manage these differences - so that they lead to competitive advantages instead of conflicts and misunderstandings, for example for positioning as an attractive employer, for a good external image and a harmonious internal atmosphere.

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Seminar contents

  • Identifying diversity-related factors such as gender, religion, disability, sexual orientation, age, ideology, etc. - without "pigeonholing" individuals
  • Recognising potential negative effects of a lack of diversity awareness, e.g. decline in productivity, high staff turnover, lack of motivation, bullying
  • Analysing the current legal situation and its proactive implementation in your own company
  • Development of recommended solutions based on typical everyday situations
  • Increasing openness towards unfamiliar and supposedly foreign communication styles and cultural values
  • Confident and competent handling of the constantly changing challenges of intercultural points of contact
  • Exchange of best practice examples in dealing with diversity in the workplace

Good to know

The qualified trainers hold the European Diversity Training Certificate from the International Certificate Conference ICC, a member of the European Commission. The learning units and documents come from the "Diverse Europe at Work" project, developed by the EU's Lifelong Learning Programme

Number of participants: up to 10 participants

Duration: 2 days

Goal setting

The Diversity & Inclusion training helps to create a constructive working environment in which differences are valued and employees are encouraged to engage in open dialogue. The modular workshop provides an overview of what diversity and inclusion are and what they mean in working life. By developing their understanding of these topics, participants learn how to utilise the opportunities of diversity for the benefit of the company.

Our tip: customised learning units

The training consists of a total of 16 learning modules, each of which highlights different aspects of diversity. Depending on your company's needs, you can select the topics that are relevant to you and combine them to create your customised training.

You can find the complete overview of topics and some sample workshops here. We will be happy to advise you and help you put together the individual modules.