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Academic Writing

“A good style must first be clear”
– Aristotle, The Art of Rhetoric

Unlike spoken English where correct spelling and grammar are of secondary importance, the written word reveals everything. In academic writing, in particular, aspects such as cohesion, precise wording and clarity are of the essence. In order to communicate on this complex and sophisticated level, a writing style is required that is more elaborate than the one used when writing in a lower register.

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Content of the Workshop 

  • Recognizing essential characteristics of formal, academic writing
  • Feedback and help with individual questions and difficulties
  • Focus on essays: form, style, core statements / key phrases
  • Basics of spelling and grammar
  • Use of stylistic devices such as inversion, connecting words, etc.
  • Creating text blocks and templates

Required English Language Skills 

CEF level B2 or above. 
We offer a short online test to ascertain the respective language level of the participants. This is helpful but not a must.

Target Group: PhD or undergraduate students students who wish to improve their formal academic writing ability in the English language. 

Number of Participants: Up to 10 participants

Duration: 1-2 days


Objective In this workshop, the participants learn to express their thoughts more clearly in writing using a wide range of language tools and a more versatile vocabulary. They work systematically to improve their grammatical weaknesses and to develop their essay-composing skills, with regards to style, expression and coherence. Based on a systematic, practice-oriented approach, we "analyze" essays, reports and other scientific text forms by breaking them down into their individual components, optimizing the writing competence of each participant.