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Intercom has been supporting Sony Deutschland GmbH, Stuttgart Technology Center for the past two years with business skills training in English. The resonance from the employees has been extremely positive. Intercom and Martin Hooper provide the best training effect; a high level of practice combined with feedback from other people in a group environment. Both the positive and negative areas are pointed out in a very professional and friendly manner. The trainer is always very well prepared and provides various tips to optimise the presentation work of the participants. We are looking forward to many more workshops filled with exciting new English phrases and in a warm, friendly environment with the Intercom team.

Denise Biermann – Sony Deutschland GmbH

I have been working with intercom’s trainer team since 2018. During this time, I have been able to improve my professional communication skills and reduce processing time significantly. The training was exactly what I wanted, so much so that I even did a Crash Course together with them. All of the trainers were highly professional and very flexible. They addressed my specific needs from day one.

Jan Globig, Strategic Lead IT, OTTO GmbH & Co

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Welcome to Intercom in the heart of Hamburg, home of professional and personal development training in English and German. Since 1980, we have been empowering teams and individuals to thrive in an international work environment – because we believe that your work and your relationships matter!

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Shift happens! In today’s constantly changing world of work, dealing with unfamiliar communication styles, language barriers, cultural differences, conflict, and inconvenient time zones can be challenging for even the most efficient of teams.

Challenge accepted! Our Business Coaching, Communication Seminars, Business English Training, and Academic Workshops are custom- designed to help you reduce processing time and also develop trustful and lasting relationships. Our coaches and training experts provide you with the precise tools to communicate effectively, clearly and with confidence in both English and German. 

In addition, we also provide professional Translation, Copywriting, and Interpreting Services for English, German, and other languages. In a well-crafted text, every word matters - this is our philosophy.

Our team consists exclusively of qualified, experienced coaches and trainers, translators, and interpreters, who are all native speakers. You and your needs are at the centre of our services, which are available to you in-house or at our lovely Altbau premises in Rothenbaumchaussee in the centre of Hamburg.

At Intercom, we believe that good communication creates connection.
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"Everything you do and say communicates something. So not communicating is not an option. In fact, the most effective leaders know that their success hinges on being leader communicators. If you know that you are constantly communicating, don’t you want to do it effectively?"

David Grossman, Author

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