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Project management fundamentals

Whether it's the Elbe Philharmonic Hall or Berlin-Brandenburg Airport, there is currently an increasing amount of news about partially or even completely failed projects: cost targets are missed, completion deadlines are exceeded and the agreed quality level is not achieved. But despite all the negative examples, the consistent use of proven project management procedures can influence the course of projects in such a way that the desired project success is ensured.

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Seminar contents

  • Project preparation and order delimitation
  • Create schedules
  • Plan costs and resources
  • Identify and minimise risks
  • Communication in the project
  • Focussing and motivating project teams
  • Project management and effective controlling
  • Project completion and results analysis
  • Use of cloud-based project management tools

Target group: Project staff, specialists and managers who are about to take on project responsibility and project managers who want to deepen their knowledge.

Number of participants: up to 6 participants

Duration: 2 days

Goal setting

This training is aimed at anyone who is new to the task of managing a project or who wants to optimise their project management expertise. In this workshop-style seminar, participants will deepen their knowledge of best practice and gain confidence in applying tried-and-tested procedures. They will recognise which factors cause projects to fail and how such developments can be effectively countered. Illustrative case studies, field reports and exercises - also based on participants' current projects - ensure a high level of practical relevance.