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Intercultural Communication

Intercultural competence is indispensable in global business life. However, communication across cultural and linguistic boundaries is often fraught with pitfalls, as misunderstandings frequently occur. To avoid these, employees need knowledge of the customs and values of their counterpart's culture, but also an awareness of their own culture and its impact on our communication behaviour.


Aims: In this seminar, participants gain confidence in intercultural exchange.


The understanding of how different cultures influence communication in business relationships is sharpened.

The participants acquire the necessary intercultural competence that helps them to recognise and overcome barriers in personal contact and to make written and oral communication more efficient.

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  • Learn to differentiate between national culture, professional culture and organisational culture
  • Observation and awareness of one's own cultural perspective and bias
  • Importance of cultural characteristics and their influence on communication (e.g., direct and indirect communication)
  • Identification of different non-verbal forms of expression (e.g., eye contact, distance to the other person, body language)
  • Virtual communication in an intercultural context - Dealing with typical misunderstandings that arise from intercultural communication
  • Recognizing intercultural barriers - and strategies for overcoming them
  • Optimizing one 's own communication style to work even more effectively in an international business environment

Number of participants:  
Up to 10



Target Group: Employees of all company divisions with international business contacts

Duration: 2 days
Also recommended as a webinar over 4 half-day virtual workshops


In this seminar you will gain a deeper understanding of your own and others' cultural norms, values and assumptions and how these influence your interaction with others. You will develop intercultural awareness and sensitivity and enhance your ability to communicate more effectively in culturally diverse professional settings.