Job Applications

Job applications and interviews are nerve wracking procedures, even in your mother tongue. This workshop was developed to prepare for such situations and help you put your best foot forward.
Throughout the workshop we focus on developing the skills needed to apply for, and secure, a job in an international or English workplace.
Unlike normal courses we don’t only focus on planning answers to possible interview questions, but also writing your CV and cover letters, preparing yourself for small talk and simulating a real interview to get a feel for the situation before the real thing.

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  • Create an individual question catalogue for job interviews:
    • Work out how to tell your story
    • Previous career: study, practical experience, etc.
    • Responding to the company and the tasks ahead
  • Create a CV and cover letter
  • Simulation of conversation situations for clear and fluent communication
  • Politeness and small talk for networking and interview situations
  • Job interviews by phone and videoconference
  • Written communication with potential employers
  • Specialist vocabulary for your relevant work area
  • Refresh essential grammar topics, especially to represent clear positions and answer and ask questions

Required Language Level

from CEF level B1.2
We recommend a short online test to determine the language level of the participant(s).

Who is it for?
Professionals and graduates looking for a job in an international environment or looking to change their career path.


Individual training
Group training is also available for up to 10 participants.

Our Promise

This workshop will prepare you with the language skills needed for job interviews and networking as well as for confident communication in the international business environment. You will leave with the confidence to focus on your ability to do the job and not just the language of the interview.