Clare Smyth – Translator, Editor, Copywriter

Welcome to my professional profile.


BA degree in Modern Languages, University of Wolverhampton, England
Postgraduate Diploma in Translating and Interpreting for the Courts and Authorities, University of Hamburg, Germany
Diploma in Copywriting, Blackford Centre
Cambridge/RSA Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults, International House, London, England

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Tel.: 040 46 88 22 47

About me

A native of the Somerset coast, my fascination for German was ignited during a family holiday to Würzburg aged 15, when, transfixed by the language’s unfamiliar guttural sounds, I resolved to learn it. Fast forward some 30+ years and this fascination has evolved into a deep interest in the often disparate thought processes that inform the written word in English and German.

I indulge this interest through my work as a translator, copywriter and editor. For over ten years now, I have specialised in crafting stylish, culturally sensitive texts for major German corporations, including all major German automotive companies, as well as government bodies, NGOs and cultural institutions.

Main areas of work

Marketing and advertising
Headlines and slogans, product texts, advertisements, brochures, press releases, websites, etc.

Corporate and institutional communications
Textbooks, expert reports, financial reports, CSR reports, white papers, journal texts, exhibition texts, etc.

Contracts, commercial registers, terms & conditions, expert reports, pleadings, patent documents, academic papers, etc.