Maureen und Jürgen Polaszek – Translator Team

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About us    

Maureen: Born in Scotland, my interest for foreign languages took me to Germany, where I found myself at home with the guttural sounds of the language which are very easy for Scottish people to master. I studied English and German literature at Hamburg University. After initially teaching in adult education, I became a translator and editor.

Jürgen: Born in Germany, my interest in the English culture led me to study English and German literature at Hamburg University, as well as gain an IHK translator certification. More than 30 years of business experience in the international film industry have been a fertile breeding ground for my work as an English/German translator.

By handling each text as a two-person team, we guarantee a native speaker level of quality, both in the understanding of the source text and the transfer into the target language, simultaneously including a review and verification pass in the process.

Our clients include international businesses, advertising agencies, film and TV production companies.

Main areas of work

  • Legal - Contracts, expert reports, patent documents, academic papers, copyright and trademark issues
  • Medicine - Clinical trials for pharmaceutical products, scientific publications in the fields of oncology, gynaecology and cardiology, medical reports,
  • IT and technology - IT services- und data protection reports,security screening regulations, software documentations, user manuals
  • Management - Reports, presentations, instructions and regulations, business plans and annual reviews
  • Chemical industry - Manuals and instructions particularly concerning adhesives and construction chemistry
  • Energy sector and environment - Press releases, presentations, tenders, publications on sustainability issues
  • Human resources - Job descriptions, requirement listings for recruitment portals, work council agreements, curricula vitae, labour law issues
  • Sociology - Scientific publications
  • Real estate sector - Press releases, presentations, contracts for property registration and sale
  • Bookkeeping - Tax consultant instructions for proper cash management, balance sheets, cost projections, budgets
  • Aviation industry - Energy efficiency reports, sustainability issues
  • Advertising, film and TV production - Scripts for TV series, features and image films, pitch bibles, etc.
  • Corporate and social media communication - Content for social media, blogs, market relevant innovations etc.