Regine Kohl – German Trainer

Welcome to my professional profile.


English graduate from the University of Münster 
Certified Translator for German-French-German from the Chamber of Industry and Commerce, Paris, France
Scientific Translator at CERN (Centre Européen pour la Recherche Nucléaire) in Geneva, Switzerland
Language Trainer for Language Power School and PR consultant (Europe) at Hülsmann & Partner, Düsseldorf.
Long-term involvement with the Association of Friends of the Lycée Français de Hambourg (German-French School, Hamburg) - including term as board member - and at Hambourg Accueil.

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Tel: 040 46 88 22 47



About Me     

I grew up bilingually in Germany (East and West) and in the French speaking part of Switzerland. Since 2001 I have been teaching German and French as a language trainer. I have been working at Intercom since 2008.

My areas of expertise include:

Teaching German as a foreign language to individual and groups with clients such as Otto, Euler Hermes, bonprix, Hermes, Tchibo, Beiersdorf, Tesa and DAL. Content includes German for work and and for daily life e.g.:

  • Business German in various sectors (pharmaceutical, retail, consumer goods, finance, shipping, intercultural competence)
  • for customer service and marketing
  • German for social situations
  • Business German for daily operations: telephone calls or correspondence
  • German for press conferences
  • Business German for specialist meetings and tours of factories/plants
  • Intercultural competence in Germany / Integration in the German culture - regional, cultural or historical knowledge, understanding the German economy, society, administration, music, art, literature etc.