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We offer a series of short, effective Special Workshops and Tailor-made Workshops on business communication and language topics onsite at your company or at intercom. Check out our Professional English Bootcamp.
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*Change in plan due to Coronavirus: 

 10:00-12:00 am, 21 March.
 Reduced Fee €55.00/Person

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Grammar Spring Clean!

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If you find that despite having a level of comfort in your professional English, you continue to make consistent errors when you communicate this is the right workshop for you.
Fortunately, these fossilized errors do not have to be permanent.

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  • Sort out your Tenses
  • If Sentences: If & will is too shrill! If & would is no good!
  • Word Order: Start right and the rest will flow!
  • Prepositions: I'm up and the kids are down!
  • Mistranslations & False Friends
  • Your Questions: Bring any niggly questions you may have along to the workshop.

Target Group
Anyone who would like to brush up their English and take their speaking and writing skills to the next level.


This workshop places a focus on accuracy in writing and speaking by drawing attention to fine distinctions in language and grammar at a Common European Framework B1-C1 level.
Through active training and feedback, you will increase your accuracy in English.

*Please bring any concrete questions you may have along to the workshop.